Balancing Ethics and Progress

“Data Protection and Digital Transformation: Balancing Ethics and Progress” was the topic of #CMTB23 conference “Change Media – Transform Business” in Magdeburg, bringing together 67 students, researchers, and teachers from five countries virtually and on the Herrenkrug campus.

The 2023 #CMTB conference, focussing on AI, data, and ethics, has reached a successful conclusion. Our international student speakers and poster presenters from five countries have presented their research and developments in the field. The audience was impressed by the diverse range of topics, including explainable AI approaches to solve autonomous driving problems, the role of data protection officers in Europe, and the impact of social media on healthcare decisions during the pandemic.

Furthermore, attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of the complex ethical issues surrounding AI, data, and technology. The conference was attended online and in the lecture hall on Campus Magdeburg-Herrenkrug by 67 engaged students and professors from Slovakia, Austria, Northern Macedonia, South Africa, and Germany.

The keynote about „Explainable AI: The Case of ChatGPT“ was held by Professor Martin Homola, Comenius University Bratislava, and was concluded with a creative demonstration, highly appreciated by the audience.

The conference also featured several awards, with Veronika Mattova from Comenius University Bratislava winning the Best Peer Review Award, the Talk „Explainable artificial intelligence approaches to solve autonomous driving problems: A systematic literature review“ by Lukas Gusenbauer, Benjamin Lengauer, and Eric Peuschel winning the Best Presentation Award elected by the international conference committee, and the research project „Changes of student learning behavior due to e-learning use during the pandemic“ by Beate Bergsmann, Tom Gorecki, and Peter Paminger, an Austrian-German research team, winning the Best Poster award elected by conference participants in an online-voting on the conference miroBoard.

In conclusion, on behalf of the conference team and the program committee, Professor Michael Herzog thanked all presenters for their commitment and engagement in rigorous research. He invited motivated students who had fun with their research projects and the conference atmosphere to participate in a Ph.D. program at Magdeburg or their home institutions.

The 2023 CMTB conference was an excellent opportunity for students, researchers, and professionals to exchange ideas and discuss the latest developments and challenges in AI, data protection and analytics, VR, healthcare, and other digital transformation topics.

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