Welcome to the SPiRIT research group

The research group SPiRIT – Science Projects in educational Research and Information Technology – is an interdisciplinary team at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences. The focus is on research and development in the areas of educational technologies, human-computer interaction and educational research.

Experienced scientists and student teams from the Institute of Management and the Institute of Industrial Design use participatory approaches to develop technical solutions for interactive learning, for example to promote environmental awareness, maker culture in education, practical integration in university teaching or inclusive collaboration in virtual applications.

Digital competencies, user attitudes, usability of digital artifacts or user behavior are evaluated with different methods. For usage research, the research group operates the LeiKLab with eye tracking and other sensor technology. For prototype development and competence development, the XPeriMakerLab is established and further developed.

The group’s design science work reflects on technological innovations and their interplay with society in order to realize innovative media and digitally supported communication in spaces. Participatory design with potential users, cultural and digital participation, and inclusion and integration of disadvantaged groups are often the focus of research interest.

Some projects and publications address the development of environmental awareness, the understanding of strategies and processes for sustainable development and circular economy, but also the integration of negative external effects into economic activities. In order to communicate complex interrelationships – for example in the case of environmental data – data representations are processed in interactive, artistic artifacts with edutainment character and user interaction is researched.