Cooperation in research and teaching with the University of UKIM Skopje expanded

During their working week from November 9 to 15, three researchers and project
developers from the SPiRIT research group returned with a new ERASMUS+ exchange
agreement between the Department of Economics and the Faculty of Economics. This
agreement complements the design department cooperation between both universities
that was established in 2022. The program provides funding for guest stays for
students and lecturers in North Macedonia and Germany.

In the new international Master’s program “Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Management” MEsIM at the Department of Economics, in addition to the cooperation
with the German-Jordanian University, upcoming cooperation with the UKIM Skopje
was also established to enable international diversity and access for young people with
an entrepreneurial spirit to different markets and perspectives. On the Macedonian side,
the Faculties of Economics, Engineering, and Computer Science will participate in the
joint program.
The CleanBREATHE joint research project has released new results from their research
and publication projects, as well as public events. The project has now expanded into a
community-driven sensor network which includes 150 new devices installed in Skopje,
a city that is severely affected by air pollution. Additionally, many new activists have
joined the project. The trip was accompanied by Florian Brody, an Austro-American
coach and UC Berkeley lecturer. During the conference “Economic and Business
Trends Shaping the Future” (EBTSF-23), the entire team of authors presented the paper
“The Business of Air Quality: Global Markets and Local Stakeholders” as a work result
of the CleanBREATHE project.

Our cooperation partners at the University of Skopje (UKIM):

  • Prof. Dr. Vladimir Trajkovik, Program Director at the Faculty of Computer Science and
    Engineering, Founding Dean, Entrepreneur; CleanBREATHE Project Manager
  • Prof. Dr. Petre Lameski, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Janeska-Lliev, Chair of Management
  • Prof. Dr. Mijalche Santa, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics
  • Prof. Dr. Boro Jakimovski, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Prof. Dr. Trajce Velkovski, Professor at the Faculty of Engineering
    Aleksandar Stamboliev, Managing Director of the Incubator at UKIM

Further information on the projects:

Joint publications:

  • Mitreska Jovanovska, E.; Batz, V.; Lameski, P.; Zdravevski, E.; Herzog, M.A.;
    Trajkovik, V. Methods for Urban Air Pollution Measurement and Forecasting:
    Challenges, Opportunities, and Solutions. Atmosphere 2023, 14, 1441. https://
  • Batz, V., Lameski, P., Herzog, M.A., & Trajkovikj, V. (2022). Blended REsearch on Air
    pollution using TecHnical and Educational solutions-CleanBREATHE. http://
  • Brody, F., Herzog, M.A., Trajkovik, V., Stamboliev, A., Batz, V.: The Business of Air
    Quality: Global Markets and Local Stakeholders. EBTSF-23 Conference Proceedings,
    UKIM Skopje