Which tools for which society? Socio-economic and technical factors of digitalization for educational research

9.7.2021 4:00 pm As the Corona pandemic greatly changes our private lives as well as everyday work, many organizations have to organize their processes under completely new conditions and many people rely on digital tools. In the education sector, too, a variety of software, functions, integrations and other digital solutions have been introduced that help to efficiently continue – and perhaps even improve – learning and working. As part of the course Current Topics in Digital Business Management, students in the part-time master’s program in Digital Business Management examined what advantages and disadvantages certain tools offer for specific target groups in the education sector for communication, collaboration, self-organization or even data collection.


16:00 Digitization of Music Schools: Applications, methods and practical examples Anne Delacroix & Jennyfer Stabingis-Böttcher

16:30 GatherTown, Wonder & Co: Digital Tools for OnBoarding (Presentation & Demo) Simon Hefti & Stefan Gilsing


17:20 Measuring Air Pollution with Sensors: Integrity, technologies and data diversity Christian Franke

17:40 AR/VR support for people with disabilities Wilhelm Mertes

18:00 Sustainable economics: negative externalities at the expense of rural areas Sabine Siebold