Victoria Batz receives the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal research prize in the “Doctoral students” category

Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences honors outstanding achievements in the field of research, and this year the coveted research award in the category
“Doctoral students” category goes to Victoria Batz. The award recognizes her impressive work, which is characterized by nine successful peer-reviewed publications, seven of which have been published internationally and six as first author.
Victoria Batz’s research spans interdisciplinary fields of high social relevance. Particularly noteworthy are her contributions to the inclusion of people with disabilities through digital support in the IKKE project, as well as her research in the field of raising awareness of environmental issues through artistically motivated educational technologies in the CleanBREATHE project.
She has not only contributed significantly to the development of several BMBF proposals of the SPiRIT research group, but was also in charge of the CleanBREATHE project in the full proposal. In addition, she successfully coordinated the IKKE and CleanBREATHE joint projects with external partner organizations.
Significant research results in both joint projects can be attributed to her initiative and dedicated research work.
In addition to her outstanding research, Victoria Batz is also actively involved in university committees and currently heads the Senate working group for the travel policy in the context of efforts to make the university more climate-neutral. She passes on her experience not only in research, but also in teaching, particularly in projects at the Institute of Design with a high public profile, such as exhibitions, participation in the Schauwerk in Magdeburg and interactive installations.
Her commitment to communicating research results and promoting the next generation of scientists is close to her heart. She has been responsible for science communication in our research group for four years and successfully leads student teams.
Victoria Batz has been on parental leave since September 2023, but her scientific work will continue. Thanks to a family-friendly agreement with the DLR Project Management Agency, the joint project CleanBREATHE will be paused and extended during her parental leave. We find her commitment to family matters inspiring for many academic staff who strive for a successful combination of science and family despite temporary contracts.
The Vice-Rector for Research, Prof. Dr. Kerstin Baumgarten, emphasized at the award ceremony: “The research award should not only be a recognition of her achievements to date, but also an incentive for Victoria Batz to continue her successful work on her doctorate and to pursue a long-term scientific career.”
You can find out more about Victoria and her research on ResearchGate.