SPiRIT Scientists as guests at the DAAD conference Moving Target Digitalisation 2022

In early December 2022, four of our researchers from the SPiRIT research group (f.l.t.r. Dorothea Wagnerberger, Dr. Elke Mählitz-Galler, Yvonne Bönninger, Amelie Ries) traveled to Berlin for the international conference Moving Target Digitalisation 2022: Increasing the Impact of Internationalisation in Higher Education (DAAD).

Dr. Elke Mählitz-Galler and Amelie Ries gave a presentation on “Challenging, exciting, enriching: Why international student collaboration in virtual teams is worthwhile” for the thematic focus “Virtual Exchange and Blended Mobility Track”. They reflected the opportunities, challenges and proposed solutions of the Blended Learning Seminar International Research Project (TRAC). Using students’ learning journals from the collaborative project, which is co-designed with five universities, insights into personal student experiences were provided. The talk ended in a lively Q&A session with the audience.

Later in the day, Dr. Mählitz-Galler, together with Yvonne Bönninger, gave a keynote speech presenting selected contents of the Practice Innovation Lab of the project “H2D2 – didactically and digitally competent teaching and learning”. Under the title “Informative, transparent and reflexive: The Practice Innovation Platform (PIP) as a companion in the student life cycle”, insights were given into the Praxis Innovation Lab process, which supports the exchange of studies and practice in the various phases of the studies. Subsequently, the results of the surveys on the students’ needs and wishes for the Praxis Innovation Platform were presented. The presentation was rounded off by a poster.

In addition to the presentations, contacts were made and insights were gained into other research projects, such as the “Moving Sound Pictures” project at HFMT Hamburg (https://www.hfmt-hamburg.de/innovative-hochschule/moving-sound-pictures/). Here, the group was able to immerse themselves in virtual reality and experience various artworks haptically, interact with objects and make music. Overall, the visit to Berlin was a complete success and very inspiring.