Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
Goals and project contents

The aim of the MEsIM (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management) pilot project is to establish an interdisciplinary, multinational Master’s degree programme in cooperation between Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (h2) and the German-Jordan University (GJU).
The programme promotes entrepreneurial talents from the fields of engineering, economics and design beyond the two partner universities.
In addition to the focus on business model development, the programme focuses on innovation management and sustainability.
In this way, the programme fills an academic programme gap at both academic institutions and increases the mobility of qualified workers between the two countries.
The project is understood as a learning workshop that reaches far beyond the students as the main target group.

Tasks and actions

Feasibility and market analysis

Analysis of the stakeholders of the study programme
Preparation of a market analysis within the framework of a feasibility study: implementation and a survey of students and business/stakeholders
Development of the study programme and the curriculum

Development of persona and competence profiles
Development of modules and didactic concepts for the study programme
Development of coordinated study and examination regulations
Description and development of module contents in the online module handbook
Development of resource planning, including quantified timetables
Participatory structural and organisational development

Development of the cooperation model and administrative structure with the organisations and agencies involved
Development of working structures such as process definitions and templates
Marketing plans and campaigns

Development of Unique Selling Proposition
Development of a communication plan for student recruitment
Web presence/landing page
Performance measurement of media campaigns
Planning and evaluation of participation in career fairs

Implementation of onboarding measures for students and lecturers
Concept and planning documents for Welcome Week
Event documentation
Semester support during the pilot phase

Support for students, teaching staff and administration during the start of the operational phase of the degree programme
Instructions, tutorials for selected tools and technology
Documents and material for course organisation and course delivery for Moodle
Student Coaching Templates

Development of survey documents
Implementation and analysis of survey data
Presentation of analysis results as a basis for discussion in the second phase of ideation

Self-documentation for system accreditation at the h2 (goals, concept, implementation, recognition and crediting)
Recognition and crediting
Evaluation regulations and questionnaires
Preparation for the Jordanian accreditation
Project/programme evaluation

Documentation of evaluation instruments
Preparation, layout and typesetting of the interim and final report as well as the evaluation reports
Project management

Planning of travel and events
Planning of administration and finances
Preparation of student contracts
Creation of Learning Management System tools
Establishment of networks

Acquiring further partners from business and organisations
Establishing and maintaining an entrepreneurial ecosystem
Acquisition of further international partner universities

Key data

01.01.2023 – 31.12.2024

  • German Jordanian University Amman | SATS Faculty | Deanship of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • German Academic Exchange Service HAW international
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research

M.A. Daniel Nauck
University of Applied Science Magdeburg-Stendal

B.A. Armgard von Bonin
University of Applied Science Magdeburg-Stendal

M.A. Matthias Kraut
Entrepreneurship and Innovationmanagement

Prof. Dr. Torsten Heitjans
Deputy Project leader

Prof. Dr. Michael A. Herzog
Project leader
Business informatics
University of Applied Science Magdeburg-Stendal