Do you know your digital risks in everyday life? – Touch and understand data and IT risks

Four creative projects for schools, companies and privacy


The digital world is already affecting almost every industry. Many business models and organizations can hardly function without digitization. Algorithms, programs, the Internet of Things and intelligently networked technologies already determine our everyday working lives. But we also see how digitization is advancing in our everyday lives. In addition to great advantages, these developments also harbor a great many risks, as cybercrime, among other things, never sleeps. How can organizations and individuals protect themselves from this? This question has been addressed by the students of the Masters Risk Management at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal.


10:30 From old to new: consumption data analysis, profitability and risks of retrofitting using the example of a refrigerator app Julia Wieland, Dennis Hallstein, Marco Husemann, Husein Sohibov, Torben Lindecke, Mona Mohammadkhah

11:15 Data at Risk! A social engineering learning application for the school context Anja Arndt, Janine Süss, Julien Hetsch, Kristina Oelze, Laura Freidenberger, Sebastian Scholz

12:00 Break 12:15 Capturing IT Risks Easily: An analysis app for SMEs Laura Ziegler, Rim Mahmoud, Max Weber, Dennis Glaßmann

13:00 The Wahl-o-Mat in Design Sprint Simon Krebs, Aaron Haas, Rim Mahmoud