ICWL – Web Based Learning

The ICWL is an annual conference for the progress of online learning. The founder of the conference is the Hong Kong Web Society, which hosted the first conference in 2002. The main focus of the conference is on the research results of technology-enhanced learning and resulting future educational technologies.

This year’s ICWL – 18th International Conference on Web Based Learning was held at Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (Magdeburg Campus) from September 23-25, 2019. This year it was hosted by the research group SPiRIT under the organizational leadership of Prof. Michael A. Herzog and with the active help of the research assistants Leonore Franz and Veronika Weiß. 100 scientists and students from 32 countries attended the daily lectures, workshops and discussions. New content of digital education opportunities, which focused mainly on online teaching, were examined from different perspectives, constructively discussed and further developed.

The previously submitted papers, as the basis for the presentations, were selected in advance by the International Program Committee. A total of fifteen full papers, as well as fifteen short papers and seven poster papers were selected for the conference. All presented papers were subsequently published as part of a Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Sciences (LNCS). The topic papers ranged from the analysis of learning data to the future of collaborative learning.

Attendees included two distinguished keynote speakers at the conferences: Irwin King from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Sabine Graf, who lectures at Athabasca University in Canada.

Also this year, the thematically appropriate International Symposium on Emerging Technologies for Education was combined with the ICWL – a tradition that has been part of the conference days for 4 years now, supporting and complementing them professionally.

A particularly interesting debate around women in engineering emerged during a public panel discussion, “Women in Engineering – Sharing Statistics, Progress and Positive Experience,” held on the evening of September 23. A presentation of the different situations of women engineers in Greece, Italy, Brazil and Germany gave rise to a lively exchange, which was enriched on the German side by the rector of Magdeburg Stendal University of Applied Sciences, Anne Lequy, and the professor of resource management, recycling and sustainability, Gilian Gerke.

More information at https://events.h2.de/icwl/.[Internet Archive]