Inclusive Cooking Workshop

It is not always easy to open up new, unknown areas and overcome stigmas anchored in the subconscious. This is the core idea of the IKKE project: Through shared experiences in learning and working, fear of contact and mutual prejudices are to be reduced.

Inclusive vocational training enables encounters in which differences are to be overcome through togetherness and mutual help. In this way, dealing with heterogenous learning requirements and social forms becomes more commonplace. We wanted the trainees of the inclusive vocational school class to get to know each other through practical activities. That is why, to kick of the IKKE research project, we planned a cooking workshop in which four inclusive teams conjured up a 4-course menu. Trainees as cooks, kitchen specialists and employees from the kitchen area of Lebenshilfe planned and cooked together. We documented the course of the workshop, our experiences and the delicious result with a short film.

Have fun!