Context-sensitive communication technology

Context-sensitive Communication Technology Context-sensitive communication technology in museums and other exhibition environments was developed within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation, between the Institutes of Industrial Design, Electrical Engineering and Management in Design Science Methodology and in addition, economic utilisation models were designed as product-service-systems.

Most recently, four interactive prototypes were created in collaboration with the Winckelmann museum for the anniversary exhibition: an augmented reality visualization for the interpretation of the “Torso des Belvedere”, the media game table “Gemmtable” with playing cards for exploring classification systems of gemstones, an interactive donation box and the media table ‘Rapporto” for the communication with contemporaries of Johann Joachim Winckelmann.

The technical-artistic artefacts, mainly developed by students, were created within the context of Interdisciplinary Research Learning.

The prototypes that were developed within the project “Extended Exhibition” were presented at international conferences, the LUMEN project was even nominated for the Hugo-Junkers prize 2016.

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Project management: Prof. Jens Wunderling, Prof. Dominik Schumacher, Prof. Dr. Michael Herzog
Project team: Students of the Master Interaction Design, Master Electrical Engineering, Bachelor Business Administration
Departments: IWID+ Economy
Cooperation Partner: Winckelmann-Museum Stendal
Duration Since 01.10.2015
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